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As a result of climate change, extreme weather conditions have become more frequent, even in Europe. At the same time, modern society is growing increasingly dependent on infrastructures that are more complex than ever. What would we do without transport, electricity, water and our IT networks? Though it might be difficult to predict where and when extreme weather conditions will occur precisely, exploring their possible effects is now possible with SIM-CI.

Mapping potential damage

For centuries, water authorities have been mapping the extent, impact and potential damage of water calamities. Their work is essential in areas where big bodies of water pose a continuing threat. SIM-CI has developed a tool that simulates and visualizes the consequences when conditions change and a dike or a dam should break. How would such a disaster impact other critical infrastructures? SIM-CI’s simulation platform helps water authorities and other stakeholders make well-informed decisions regarding all monitored areas by providing advanced insights and accurately mapping out all possible risks.


water authorities

SIM-CI provides

  • Insight into all (in)direct damage when a dike or dam breaks
  • Simulated interaction between water calamities and critical infrastructures
  • An overview of all roads, public buildings and infrastructures affected
  • Insight into the number of people affected
  • Evacuation routes and plans

SIM-CI helps with

  • Finding and testing mitigating measures
  • Ways to improve communication with stakeholders in times of crisis

The result

  • Better understanding of the impact of a flood
  • Better decision making in structural maintenance
  • Budget allocation to where it is most effective

  • Calculated risks are explored, understood and mitigated
  • More attention, appreciation and budget for making and keeping society safe

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