Posted on Thursday, May 12th, 2016 in Use cases

Use Case Asset Management

Application: Interdependency risk analysis


a gas distributor requests an analysis of all damage done to his gas network in the last year. The SIM-CI database contains all data on past damage events, registered by using the SIM-CI asset and workflow management tools. The report shows a high number of damages involving the bursting of water pipes in the proximity of gas pipes. Further analysis reveals that most damage involves a gas pipe with a relatively low-pressure rate in the proximity of high-pressure water mains.

Forecasting future damage

The Asset Manager wants to use these insights to forecast similar damage in the future. Using the SIM-CI Risk Locator, the Asset Manager loads the infrastructures of his gas pipes as well as the associated third-party water infrastructures, and requests a heat map of all low-pressure gas pipes in the proximity of water mains to identify potential risk locations.

Identifying risks & interdependencies

The SIM-CI Risk Locator identifies over 100 high-risk locations and projects them on an interactive heatmap. For each hotspot on the map additional information on age and maintenance of the associated gas and water pipes can be requested and taken into account to prioritize the heat map. This leaves the Asset Manager with 17 high-risk locations of which the damage data matches the events that caused the largest damage last year.

Mitigating damage costs

To improve the resilience of these gas pipes to a bursting high pressure water pipe, the Asset Manager decides to brace the gas pipes. The costs of bracing them is merely a fraction of the costs related to the damage of a broken gas pipe. The interdependency risk analysis has proven to be incredibly valuable on a financial level.