Better insight in risks with SIM-CI

As real estate investor, you want to leverage the highest value from your portfolio. To be able to achieve this, it is important to properly map the risks that accompany its value.
The (financial) consequences of climate change, the targets set in terms of sustainability and laws and legislation play an ever-increasing role in this.

But do you know the possible extent of potential damage caused by extreme weather on your portfolio and what the indirect damage can be? Do you know this risk profile prior to making an investment and whether you are insured against these risks? Do you know what mitigating measures can be taken and whether you are realistic and innovative with regard to this? And do you know how to distinguish yourself?

Map your real estate portfolio risks

SIM-CI provides you, the real estate investor, with advanced insight, allowing you to simulate the consequences of disruptive events for your objects. With this, we offer you a tool that helps you carefully map your real estate portfolio risks:

  • Right insurance considerations. By linking the value of buildings to any calamities and cascading effects, SIM-CI can carefully map financial risks. With this, you can take targeted insurance measures based on a risk analysis.
  • Mitigating risks. SIM-CI’s simulation models help you predict the damage effects of calamities, and with that, make the right risk assessment and take the right mitigating measures for your real estate objects.
  • Better decision making regarding new insurance. By providing insight into the risks you face as an investor when investing in new objects, better considerations can be made about your insurance choices.



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