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As a result of climate change, extreme weather disruptions have become more frequent, even in Europe. At the same time, modern society is growing increasingly dependent on infrastructures that are more complex than ever. What would we do without transport, electricity, water and our IT networks? Though it might be difficult to predict where extreme weather conditions will occur, exploring their possible effects is now possible with SIM-CI.

Insurance companies want to properly map the size, impact and potential damage for the risks their products cover. SIM-CI has developed a tool that does just that: a simulation platform that visualizes the consequences of changing peripheral conditions on critical infrastructures. What happens when disaster strikes? SIM-CI maps the extent of damage in various bad news scenarios, enabling insurance companies to make well-informed decisions regarding their insured real estate portfolios.

SIM-CI provides insurers with advanced insights by simulating the consequences of disruptive events on insured real estate. With this simulation platform, every risk can be carefully mapped.


insurance simulation


SIM-CI provides

  • Insight into the (in)direct damage of extreme weather scenarios
  • Risk profiles of insurance portfolios
  • Models to find and test mitigating measures
  • Ways to improve communication with stakeholders in times of crisis

SIM-CI helps with

  • Taking mitigating measures
  • Achieving competitive advantage

The result

  • Better decision making regarding new insurance products.
  • Insight into risks facilitating the acceptance process of insurance products.
  • Better considerations for reinsurance: by linking the value of buildings to damage and other consequences of possible calamities, SIM-CI allows you to map the financial risks.

  • Mitigated risks: SIM-CI’s simulation models help you explore the (indirect) damage in case of calamities and may suggest appropriate measures.
  • Increased appeal to reinsurers: by using SIM-CI’s software, detailed insight in risk profiles is enhanced.

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