Simulate the future

Engineers continuously work on large and complex projects. More and more, they are expected to come up with innovative solutions for problems associated with climate change, urbanisation, mobility and water management. But how do you know what impact extreme weather can have on infrastructure and what the associated cascading effects might be? What mitigating measures can be made available? Whether choices are made based on the right insights and whether your solutions lead to the desired result?

Advanced insights

SIM-CI helps by offering advanced insights into the way our infrastructural systems interconnect. Based on available traced data, disruptive events are simulated and their impact on critical infrastructures is measured and analyzed. In addition, SIM-CI offers a tool to simulate mitigating measures and assess their effectiveness.


engineering simulation

The result

  • Increased chance of success in tenders
    SIM-CI software provides innovative insights with distinguishing features, reducing risk-profiles for all parties involved.
  • Informed debate with better decisions. SIM-CI’s visualizations help policy makers understand the relevant problems and challenges, leading to a properly informed debate and improved decision making.
  • Pre-testing of infrastructure. SIM-CI’s simulation suite allows you to test infrastructure – from traffic and water models to IT systems – in advance.

  • Faster delivery. Using SIM-CI’s simulation model of cascading effects for planning and risk analysis reduces the time it takes to safely build a safe construction.
  • Preventing disruptions. It also helps to explore effects of process disruptions, making it easier to prevent delay and claims.
  • Better planning of maintenance. Big Data and improved insight via simulations help to achieve more efficient (predictive) maintenance planning and fewer disruptions.

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