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Accurate claim calculation for hard-to-predict events
Assigning probability distributions to events and scenarios
Calculating cascade effects and consequential damage
Supported with scientifically underpinned algorithms and models

How climate proof is your portfolio?   

The climate is becoming ever more volatile – something that we experience on a daily basis. The weather is not only becoming more extreme, but also increasingly difficult to predict and anticipate accurately. It’s time to look at your portfolio from a different perspective. Because the financial impact of a flood, storm, hailstorm, serious rainfall or other climate-related disaster can be significant. Not just for real estate and infrastructure, but also because of consequential damages such as the interruption of operational activities or the entire business operation. That may also have consequences for you as an insurer or investor. Up to now, there was no clear insight into the precise consequences of climate change. SIM-CI’s simulation platform SIM-SURE provides you with this insight. It’s time for a climate proof portfolio. 

SIM-SAFE probability map

Simulated statistics, with an added dash of SIM-CI 

We know that extreme weather events are occurring more often and are increasingly volatile in nature. The main questions remain where, when and with what impact? For this demonstration we used the data freely available from and applied a standard damage curve and distribution function (“Bell curve”) to recalculate the scenario 16.000 times over, each time using minute changes in the input variables.

The result is pictured in the map above, showing a perpendicular top view of a section of a Dutch city. In this map the probability that the damage incurred by flooding on a specific real estate object is 100-1M Euros or higher is indicated by coloring, no color being probability 0 and the brightest color red indicating a probability of up to 7%.

By combining our deterministic simulations with stochastic inter and extrapolation and analysis tools we can provide a much wider view on a region’s vulnerability to more and less disruptive events.

SIM • SURE helps you with

The limitless simulation of hard-to-predict events

Quantifying and visualizing risks that are arising as a result of climate change

Gaining insight into the risk of (business) interruption as a result of cascade effects

Creating a historic database suitable for new risk calculations

Managing a climate proof portfolio

How SIM-CI supports your organization   


SIM-CI facilitates a Design Thinking Workshop where we work with you to identify the scope for a solution to your issue


Based on the scope, we work with you to gather the required models and data


SIM-CI collects, generates and models all the other required information


SIM-CI loads the simulation, creates the required scenarios and shows the result in both a 3D visualization and a report


Based on the results of the simulation you have insight into the required number of scenarios

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