for those designing the world of tomorrow 

Simulating and visualizing complex infrastructures in the built environment
Supports the design of resilient smart cities
Simultaneous interaction with other actors in a single scenario
Simulation of various design scenarios

Make your urban design futureproof in the long term

The design of new areas increasingly takes account of aspects around smart infrastructure, sustainability and resilience. As a municipal council, engineer, hydrologist, planner or operator of the infrastructure you want to know precisely what the short- and long-term impact of your design decisions will be. It is also important to know how your plans meet the wishes and requirements of your client(s). You also want to mathematically assess the various alternatives using transparent and scientifically underpinned models and present these results to the stakeholders in a powerful way. SIM-CI helps you with this. It’s time for the urban design of the future.

urban planning sim-shape

SIM • SHAPE helps you with

The limitless simulation of the behavior of infrastructures in your design

Simulating disruptive events and their impact on the built environment

Gaining insight and analyzing the choices made

Making data-driven choices that contribute to the sustainability, resilience and safety of your design

How SIM-CI supports your organization   


SIM-CI facilitates a Design Thinking Workshop where we work with you to identify the scope for a solution to your issue


Based on the scope, we work with you to gather the required models and data


SIM-CI collects, generates and models all the other required information


SIM-CI loads the simulation, creates the required scenarios and shows the result in both a 3D visualization and a report


Based on the results of the simulation you have insight into the required number of scenarios

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