for emergency services, municipal councils and government bodies   

Calculating and visualizing complex scenarios
Calculating cascade effects and consequential damage
Supports decision-making based on real models and data
Provides insight into the vulnerabilities in every town

How do you ensure a safe and resilient region?   

The climate is changing rapidly. Extreme weather conditions are increasingly resulting in wind and hail damage and flooding. It is no longer a question of whether this will happen more frequently, but above all when. We are also experiencing cyberattacks in this digital world which can disrupt the whole of society.

Society is also more dependent than ever on power supplies and the digital world. The availability of the Internet has thereby become a basic necessity in the Western world. As a government body you have an ever-growing need to have insight into the events which can impact on the availability of these critical infrastructures and what consequences they might have.

SIM-CI helps you to identify these disasters and consequences. In that way you will know how these events can be prevented or what steps need to be taken after an event. It’s time to create a safe and resilient region.   


SIM • SAFE helps you with

The limitless simulation of various scenarios

Gaining insight and analyzing the outcomes

Drawing up evacuation, training and communication plans

Identifying mitigating measures

Providing cross organizational training to test collaboration and communication

Formulating policy that contributes to the resilience and safety of your region

How SIM-CI supports your organization   


SIM-CI facilitates a Design Thinking Workshop where we work with you to identify the scope for a solution to your issue


Based on the scope, we work with you to gather the required models and data


SIM-CI collects, generates and models all the other required information


SIM-CI loads the simulation, creates the required scenarios and shows the result in both a 3D visualization and a report


Based on the results of the simulation you have insight into the required number of scenarios

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