Mission & vision

More and more intangible things (climate change/cyberattacks) are having a major impact on our societal and business operations. Society is also digitizing extremely rapidly, creating a critical dependency on the underlying infrastructure for communication and power.

As a result of these changes infrastructures and assets are becoming increasingly connected and dependent on one another. Consequentially the impact as a result of disruptions is magnified and almost difficult to assess and calculate.


Our mission is to cost-efficiently contribute to the resilience and safety of infrastructures and assets using simulations.


SIM-CI offers a simulation platform that brings together multiple models and different infrastructures. This platform has been developed partly as a result of Alliander’s corporate social responsibility.


The simulation platform connects all the required models and create insight from all available (real-time) data. Because our simulation platform calculates the effect of altered data on various models, we provide users with insight and control over extreme and sometimes unexpected events.