Prepare for deployment with SIM-CI

As a result of climate change, extreme weather conditions have become more frequent worldwide. At the same time, we depend more on our infrastructure than ever before: what would we do without transport, electricity, water and our IT networks? It might be difficult to predict where extreme weather conditions will occur, exploring their possible effects is now possible with SIM-CI.

Mapping potential damage

Training for the real thing, preparing deployment or otherwise planning for operational situations, military professionals require tools that help them plan ahead. When heavy rainfall, flooding or other unwelcome surprises hamper operations, they need to oversee the consequences of their next step.

SIM-CI provides models that simulate and visualize what happens when conditions change. They show how disruptive events impact critical infrastructures, helping military leaders optimize crisis preparation, response and management. Exploring the impact of flooding, evacuation or any combination of incidents beforehand creates a common frame of reference and operational picture for all stakeholders involved.


escape routes

SIM-CI provides

  • A common overall operational picture of your base of operations
  • Simulated interaction between infrastructures and various disruptive events
  • Analysis of damages, direct or indirect, caused by disruptions
  • Overview of roads, public buildings and infrastructures affected
  • Evacuation routes and plans

SIM-CI helps with

  • Finding and testing mitigating measures
  • Ways to improve communication with stakeholders in times of crisis

The result

  • A digital duplicate of your base of operations or designated area
  • Better decision making between stakeholders
  • Insight into the impact of disruptions, natural and man-made
  • Budget allocation to where it is most effective

  • Through visualizations simulated awareness of consequences in case of disruptions
  • Calculated risks are explored, understood and mitigated
  • More attention, appreciation and budget for making and keeping society safe

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