Discuss and evaluate multiple crisis scenarios

Handling crisis situations requires a coordinated effort of multiple stakeholders, professionals and experts. Collaboration in fighting large fires or floods is one thing, but such events also cause ecological damage, loss of infrastructure and social disruption. With our help, you can bring all relevant stakeholders to the table to simulate, discuss and evaluate multiple crisis scenarios, including extreme weather, flooding or cyber attacks.

SIM-CI’s simulation platform offers a digital duplicate of any geographical region, including terrain specifications and existing infrastructure. A (number of) scenario(s) is then prepared, in which the digital duplicate is exposed to an extreme event. The model visualizes both the possible extent of damage and the effects of (combinations of) mitigating measures.

Identify weak spots

This simulation platform provides the opportunity to invite stakeholders, discuss scenarios and suggest operational measures. It also helps to identify weak spots in the current crisis management response.

The digital simulation need not be a one-off. Our services include updating your scenarios to reflect real life developments, so it can be used over and over again.

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