The devastating effects of natural disasters can be seen almost every day. Earthquakes, major storms and flooding challenge the resilience of our critical infrastructures, leaving communities and entire societies exposed and vulnerable. Launched in 2017, SIM-CI (Simulating Critical Infrastructures) helps to make urbanised areas more able-bodied against all forms of manmade and natural crises, including flooding, power failures and cyberattacks.

Resilient infrastructure design studies the way infrastructural systems for communication, logistics, trade and financial transactions are interdependent. How can we keep them up and running when disaster strikes?

In close cooperation with leading universities and scientific institutions SIM-CI has developed a ground-breaking simulation platform.


As a subsidiary of the Alliander network company, it’s our mission to contribute to the resilience of cities and urban areas by simulating and visualizing the consequences of disruptive events on critical infrastructures and their environment. The ultimate goal? Creating physical safety together.

What makes us unique

  • Our multi-model engine can simulate different infrastructures and their interdependencies, calculating the resulting cascading effects in the event of a disturbance.
  • We visualize our simulations using the latest 2D, 3D and VR techniques allowing you to view and experience events as they unfold.
  • With our adaptable software you can determine which modules you want to use. We can flexibly adapt our models to your needs and interconnect with external data and models.

  • As a Dutch company, we are familiar with the field of water modelling.
    Water management is in our genes!
  • We work with a team of highly skilled scientists, data experts and software engineers in order to deliver you the best quality product.

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