Making urbanized areas more resistant

Infrastructures can be considered resilient when systems for communication, logistics, trade and financial transactions remain functional and effective under extreme circumstances. How can we keep these critical infrastructures up and running when disaster strikes? In close cooperation with leading universities and scientific institutions SIM-CI has developed a ground-breaking simulation platform.

Visualizing the impact of disruptions

Our Digital Twin City technology enables you to visualize precisely how vital infrastructures and utility networks – the lifelines of society – affect each other and offers insight on how to best keep them safe and secure. Our secondary goal is to facilitate fast and efficient exchange of critical information among stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of creating physical safety and resilience together.


Calculating the cascading effects

Our simulation software allows you to calculate the cascading effects using various impact indicators, from number of people affected to projected costs. A variety of techniques are used to visualize the scenarios, including standard reports, 2D and 3D interfaces and full-blown virtual reality representations. To create the future you want, we help you see the future you want to avoid.

Simulation platform

  • Digital platform for simulating impact scenarios
  • Visualization in 2D, 3D, VR or web interfaces
  • Infrastructure & disruption models
  • Standard integration interfaces
  • Client request API and/or GUI


  • Impact analysis and consultancy
  • Training and focus groups
  • Workshops and events
  • Solution implementation
  • Customer Support (including SLA)

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